BeamaLife Provides Specialized Information on Physicians’ Insurance & Financial Planning

Posted by:  Neil Jesani provides specialized information on doctors insurance, asset protection for physicians and disability insurance for physicians, dentists and medical students.

Piscataway, NJ – 12/23/09 – BeamaLife Corporation today announced that its newly-launched website ( will have a special focus on physicians, addressing their unique insurance and financial planning needs. The new site is a complete redesign of the innovative financial services website that first appeared in September of 2007.

“The physicians or medical doctors that have become our clients over the years all have one thing in common: when they were young, they knew that they wanted to be doctors because they wanted to help people,” said Neil Jesani, CEO of “But the industry is very complicated now – much more so than it was even just a few years ago. Their income is same but overheads are increasing by leaps and bounds. Doctors today have to think about more than just caring for their patients.”

BeamaLife’s new physician portal provides answers to the Doctors insurance and financial planning questions most asked by doctors, and provides advice on how to protect one’s earnings via life insurance and disability insurance (for example Physicians Disability Insurance, Dentist Disability Insurance and medical student disability ) and asset protection for physicians, how to save for retirement in a tax efficient manner, how to deal with partnerships and other business formations, and how to one day retire from or sell one’s practice in the most financially savvy ways.

BeamaLife’s original site was designed to give consumers the ultimate in access to and education about life insurance and other important financial services and strategies. BeamaLife’s proprietary technology and systems allows site visitors to compare life insurance, disability income insurance, long term care insurance, retirement savings plans and college savings plan from more than 100 of the top insurance and financial services providers in an instant.

“The physicians that visit our site are smart and want to take personal responsibility for their own financial futures. Some want to do the analysis themselves, so we provide them with all of the educational materials and proposals they could ask for. Some want us to help with the decision making process, and we’re here to answer any questions and guide them to the products that make the most sense for them.

“All of our advisors are salaried, so our only goal is making sure our clients get exactly what they’re looking for at the best available value,” said Jesani. “And as a physicians needs change, we’re here with the right solutions for where they are in their careers. A resident needs much different financial advice than someone who is looking to retire. We’ve got the answers from one end of their careers to the other.”

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