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Posted by:  Neil Jesani  

Piscataway, NJ, May 5, 2008 – BeamaLife Corporation revealed today the improvements they made to their innovative life insurancewebsite, The new site is designed to give the client the most information possible to receive the best coverage.Neil Jesani, CEO of states, “The site provides pages of valuable life insurance information which every customer should know before selecting a policy.”

Such pages include a “life insurance calculator” page which allows the customer to determine the proper amount of insurance coverage, retirement savings plan funding, and college savings plan by inputting their financial information into the secure website.

Similarly, a “online life insurance quote” form on the site allows BeamaLife to provide the most suitable coverage and accurate pricing from over 100 top rated life insurance companies.

“We want to give our customers all the necessary information and allow them to be in the know about what they are buying,” Mr. Jesani says. “This is why we have provided many unique revealing articles in “Knowledge Center” page which provides free advice on an array of products and financial matters, and we created a blog to give customers and employees the forum to share first-hand knowledge and testimonials in the same location.”

Through these innovative applications, Beamalife continues to set the standard for all
online life insurance companies. Their dedication to educating insurance customers and providing customized products and services clearly makes them the right choice for buying term or whole life insurance online.

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