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    1. What is the best way to protect my ability to earn and my practice?
    2. How can I save for my retirement in a tax efficient manner?
    1. What kind of coverage is right if I am on a work visa?
    2. How much insurance do I need to cover my family?
    1. My business is a risk, what is a safe way to save for my retirement?
    2. What is will & estate planning and do I need it?

Learn Wealth Creation & Tax Reduction Strategies!

BeamaLife Insurance, a retail division of BeamaLife Corporation helps physicians, dentists, successful business owners, corporate executives and other high-net-worth individuals to create additional wealth through intelligent “out of box” financial planning, and reduce taxes with IRS-approved, tax-reduction strategies. BeamaLife Insurance offers a unique fusion of expert advice and state-of the-art technology to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make smart financial moves based on empirical evidences rather than un-predictable assumptions.

Asset protection & Estate planning:

Four in ten physicians are sued for malpractice sometime during their working lives. From large umbrella liability insurance policy to trust creation, we can help protect you from litigants and creditors. Similarly, estate planning will help you transfer your wealth to next generation with the lowest possible estate and gift taxes.

Retirement/tax planning:

When it comes to retirement and tax deduction, many physicians, professionals and small businesses focus on one strategy – the 401(k) or SEP. In reality, there are quite a few retirement options specifically designed for small businesses. We can help you identify plans that help cut your taxes up to $150,000 as year (that is more than $300,000 in income tax deduction) and position you for a comfortable retirement.

Executive whole life insurance:

The tax-deferred growth, coupled with the ability to create tax-free distributions in retirement, provide another good opportunity for supplementary retirement contributions with permanent life insurance for rest of your life.

Insurance planning: 

The biggest asset you have is your potential earning power in your early years. We can help you protect that power with long-term disability, long-term care, and other life insurance strategies.

Business planning:

Building a successful business takes many years and much effort. We’ll help you make sure your years of hard work and substantial investment will not be lost if you or your partner unexpectedly die or suffer a disability with key person insurance and business buy-sell agreement.

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